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There are two ways in which our fireworks displays can be accompanied by your favourite musical track. Either by playing the music in the background or by designing and firing a pyromusical. True pyromusical shows should not be confused with fireworks displays set to music. Pyromusicals are choreographed exactly to fit with the music using specific digital software. Perfectly synchronised to the beat or sympathetically designed with sequences to compliment the track, our pyromusicals are a must have for the perfect wedding or large event.

For further information please take a look at our what's included page by clicking this link.

PRICING for musical displays for guidance only. Please note prices may vary according to venue constraints and time of year i.e. early November and late December.

Pyromusical costs

Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum

The difference between these levels is simply intensity.

Example: Bronze is a well-balanced display using ground effects such as fountains, strobes, single shots. Mid-level effects such as multi-shot cakes and large roman candles that fire straight up and multi-angled patterns. High level effects such as aerial shells that burst at a height of 400+ feet plus a multi-shell finale.

Platinum includes the same effects as above but over three time the quantity to form a sky filling extravaganza of effects plus a giant finale with aerial shells bursting at a height of over 600 feet..!

If loud fireworks are not permitted at your venue we also design and fire quiet but beautiful displays.

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